Caring For Your Weave

Weaves are a great way to get your hair looking thick and beautiful as well as strengthen you own hair and prevent it from breaking. But weaves can also be a lot of work, and if you have sew-ins, you will want to know the best ways to take care of them that allows for long lasting and healthy weaves.

At Premium Hair Boutique, we offer only the best in weaves, most of our weaves are from Virgin Hair, assuring that you get a high-quality products each time. And to make them last even longer, make sure to follow these tips to keep your weave looking and feeling good.

Night Care

A great place to start your hair care is at night. If you have straight hair you will want to pin it up, only after moisturising the nape and edges of your hair. To pin it up, wrap the hair around your head with a paddle brush. Once pinned, wrap your hair in a satin scarf or use a satin pillow. If you have a brazilian curly hair weave, the first thing you should remember not to do is detangle your hair with a comb, use your fingers or a wide tooth comb. After your hair is detangled, lightly moisturise. Maintain the curls structure with pin curls. Use a loose bonnet with curls, anything tighter will flatten your curls. You also have the option of pinning your curls toward the top of your head and wrapping a scarf around your head,but not over the curls.





You want to wash your hair at least every week or every two weeks. Your hair washing should be generally conditioner based but shampoo is also needed from time to time in small amounts to get rid of the products and dirt build ups. When you shampoo, use a clarifying shampoo and make sure you gently get in between the braids and massage lightly to get all the dirt and products out of your hair. Repeat at least twice. Make sure you use a good condition and condition often. It will help detangle your hair, keep your curls defined, and will add moisture to your hair.

After Shower


Make sure your hair is completely dry. This is a hassle and a time killer, but super important. Make sure every braid and hair on your head is dry. Even if you spend hours sitting under the dryer waiting for your hair to dry completely, it is worth it. If you skip this crucial step, you could end up with a nasty mildew smell and potential mold growing in your hair. So even if it takes longer than you ever hoped for, dry your hair completely before going on with your day.

There is a lot more that goes into weave care, but we will start with these crucial points for now. In a future blog we will go over more details about the best weave care tips. Premium Hair Boutique knows that weave maintenance is a lot of work but also important to keeping a weave looking healthy, last long, and helping your real hair gain strength.
Find the best weave products with the weaves we carry. You are guaranteed to get the best every time, weaves that last long, look great, and feel great. Contact Premium Hair Boutique with any uestions you may have, and we will answer them.

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